Not long for mum

Hi. Mum has a severe allergic reaction to one of her tablets early Friday morning, her tongue eventually looked like a boxers fist in her mouth when in a and e. Rushed to theatre to be sedated and a tube down her nose and a breathing apparatus. Now has pneumonia. The consultant told me that they will take off the breathing apparatus tomorrow. There isn’t much hope of mu surviving. My beloved sisters are eventually turning up tomorrow. I have been there for her since Friday. Unfortunately a new chapter in my life soon

So sorry to hear this Nicholas. You, and she, will be in my thoughts

Thank you x

Thinking of you Nicholas. Very sad to read your post.

That is so very sad…the focus now is on ensuring she is pain free and comfortable, and not ‘fearful’.

Do stay with her as much as you can - remember that hearing is the last sense to leave us, so keep talking to her, and keep holding her hand and so on. She may not respond, but she will ‘know’ you are still there.

also, do, please, I warn you, be prepared that she may slip away just when you are not with her …this happens so often - the nurses always say so. it’s as if they won’t leave us while we are there, but if we are not, they feel they have ‘permission’ to leave.

With kindest wishes to you at this time, jenny

Thank you. Yes I have been talking to her. And I agree, my fear that she drifts off when i’m not there. Thanks to the wisdom of the local NHS trust (east Kent), though I live a 2 minute drive from Kent and Canterbury hospital, this has been downgraded and mum is in Ashford, approx. 25 minutes drive away if lucky with the traffic x

Nicholas, so sorry to hear about mum, what a terrible reaction. Can I ask what pills they were??

It’s the years and years that you have loved and cared for her that count, not the last few minutes so dont bust a gut or a speed limit to get there. What will be will be

So sorry to read this, Nicholas. ((( hugs))) to you and your Mum.


Thank you Mrs Average. And Bowlingbun.To respond to your question, it was perindopril (for high blood pressure) that caused the severe allergic reaction. She’d been taking since May 2015. Then downhill from there. She had to go onto the breathing apparatus otherwise she would’ve choked to death. But this caused the pneumonia and the longer she’s on the breathing apparatus, her lungs and muscles are wasting away. I have just rung up and no change. I will be there for 11am. Thank you all for your kind thoughts x

Nicholas, make sure you try to eat and sleep, or at least rest. Everything is worse on an empty stomach.
If you can’t be bothered to cook yourself, too tired or stressed, then buy something ready cooked. I used to frequent a local garden centre where they had lovely casseroles at lunchtime.

Thank you for your thoughts Bowlingbun. Yes I am making sure that I eat and sleep. Just returned and a quiche is in the oven, then I will go to bed. They unsedated mum, soon after my beloved sisters arrived this morning and took off the breathing apparatus early afternoon. As the consultant told us, the next 24 hours are critical as everything is against her. Being sedated and on a breathing apparatus for 5 days aged 78 and pneumonia isn’t good. At least she recognised me when I left and her right hand (her good side) is still strong. Just hope I don’t receive a phone call during the night. Thank you again for your thoughts

Sending my best wishes. My mother is in hospital being made comfortable for whatever time she has left. I have flu so unable to visit atm.

I hope you manage to have a good nights sleep and that your mother is able to pull through.

Thank you Jacqueline.God speed to you and your mum