Mum is continuing to be unsafe

Hi sorry for yet another post.

Mum is continuing on her path of destruction, and I am just getting so sick from it all. It’s having such an adverse affect on my health and I can’t continue, but unfortunately the support packages are still not in place.

It’s been weeks since they said she needs urgent carers but social services still haven’t sorted that out yet. It’s making me so ill. She needs proper help, and there just seems to be so much red tape. It feels like forms are more important than caring for someone.

I’m having sleepless nights, panic attacks, throwing up after meals. I also have a minor skin condition, usually when it flairs up I only get a small patch of it which goes away after a couple of days when I use a certain cream. Even though I am using the cream, it’s spreading a lot and is becoming painful everywhere. I have red exposed and weaping skin. That condition can be linked to stress.

I am also on the highest dosage of citlopram possible, and I am in therapy. nothing is working.

Everytime, I ask social services what is happening with the carers, they say it’s just waiting to be signed off.

I am worried because it is starting to affect my job quite adversely. Luckily work understands, and my collegues /friends are supportive to me.

I am still trying to overcome the grief of my partner leaving me, but similar to when dad died I don’t seem to be able to work through my own traumas. Instead I’m dealing with mums annoying crap all the time.

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CC - NEVER apologise for posting - that is what this site is for.

I am so sorry to read your continuing problems. I know others have said it, but you not tell Social Services that she is now in danger and THEY must accept responsibility. If a Care Package is just waiting to be signed off then they need to do just that so it can be put in place. It’s such a damn frustration when this happens and they just seem bogged down in their own red tape and forget that there are PEOPLE at the other end.

Is your GP fully aware of the current situation with your panic attacks? It’s something they should be addressing and not just fobbing you off to some therapy which isn’t working.

You are very lucky to have supportive work and friends. Would your Boss be willing to write to GP emphasising the effect this is having on your ability to work - with a veiled threat (ONLY to GP) that you may have to leave work if things dont improve quickly. I once had a bad wrist injury and my employer wrote to hospital saying they would have to review my position if I was not able to return to full duties quickly. It had the desired effect of bumping me up the waiting list - even though the Consultant was grumpy with me. I had been in a lot of pain and unable to do most of my work, but not ill enough to take sick leave.

Thoughts, prayers and huggz to you,


I am distraught, mums housing application for assisted living has been declined. Her abusive ex partner has rung them and claimed that she is an alcoholic. They say she has to reapply but it doesn’t open again until march. I have just literally screamed at mums new social worker about it down the phone. I am going to take this higher.

When I asked about the care package they keep saying it is because of the care crisis. I don’t care about the care crisis, they can’t just leave someone.

I am going to go to the CQC too

So further to this, I did some investigating and tried to call the person who was dealing with mums application. It turns out that no correspondence was ever created, so she has not being declined due to alcohol issues. I am extremely annoyed that they have suggested this and its extremely unprofessional.

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Sounds to me Coolcar that they confused your Mum with someone else.