Not allowed carer's allowance

I have been working and caring for my 85 year old father for many years. He is disabled and has a lot of health issues. I took a month off work unpaid as I was working at the airport and was worried about the pandemic. I was furloughed after that. I stayed through lockdown to protect him and care for him. We stopped using a care agency as they didn’t wear PPE. They also would only be here for 10 minutes when they could be bothered to turn up.
After speaking to Social devices today I have been informed that I cannot be paid to look after my Dad as I have a care of duty to look after him.
They said he could have a non family member to take on my role and get paid for it.
It seems absolutely crazy that we are expected to have someone from a different household, mixing in completely different circles to take on a job that I’m already doing. I’ve tried so hard to keep him safe because he is so vulnerable and I feel that will be jepodised with a person outside the family. we have vigorously followed the government guidelines and continue to do so.

The whole point of being a family carer is the trust, love and understanding of my Dad’s needs. His mental well-being and motivating him when he’s down. It’s unbelievable that the government are willing to put the elderly at such great risk after all the tragic deaths that we have seen.
We are both shocked at this recent rule, that I’ve
never heard of until today. Nobody should have to go through this stress. It has a terrible knock on effect and is so unjust. Any advice on this
situation would be appreciated. I’m still trying to come to terms with being made redundant and having no income. I’m trying to do my best but it’s drawbacks all the way.
Many thanks M x

Hi Maureen
I am a little out of date with my knowledge and I have been out of the family care loop for 3 years now but whilst I looked after Dad I had third party access to his bank account and he allowed me to trf his Attendance Allowance to myself as principal carer. I dare say the rules have tightened since then but am wondering if you have very pedantic and meddling social services whether it is worth going through court of protection and claiming a wage for yourself officially authorised. The process is laborious and costly but it may pay long term, certainly worth looking into it. If you haven’t already, are you eligible to claim carers allowance?

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There are two different issues here. Carers Allowance is a DWP “income substitute” benefit. If dad is claiming Attendance Allowance, you can have CA, subject to various issues.

Social Services paying you is a different issue. I am going to approach Irwin Mitchell next week with regard to my own situation, but there now seems to be a possibility of a “group action”. I bumped into a friend in her 70’s with her daughter, who has been home with mum since lockdown. Mum was telling me how tired she was, a few tears seeped out. She has not even been allowed to collect her daughter’s possessions from the home, which is now closing permanently in 3 weeks time!!

If anyone else has been left to care for their son or daughter, or parent because services have not been provided during lockdown, and is interested in a “group action” please send me a PM asap.

Newbie here, and only just learning the ropes. My father does not want me to claim Carers Allowance (for personal reasons which I will not go into here.) I have been speaking to an advisor today who said he can pay me, out of his own income/capital. This would still be allowed apparently under the LPA/OPG… But personally I do not want to ask him even though he can afford it. (Again personal issues here.) Can he afford to pay you?

It is NOT up to your dad whether or not you claim Carers Allowance.
If you meet the criteria, you can claim!!

If you already have Power of Attorney, again you do NOT have to ask him to spend his money, however, I would check with the Office of Public Guardian first if you plan to pay yourself.