Live in carer for parents

Hi, I live with my parents (both in their mid seventies) who are both currently undergoing chemotherapy for secondary lung cancers. I know the guidance says I can still go out and work and then when I come back to stay 2 meters away but since realistically this isn’t possible since I prepare meals, help with personal care etc I am having to take unpaid leave from my job (I work in an office at the local hospital so personally feel the risk is too high to continue as normal). Will I be able to claim carers allowance for the 12 weeks I am taking as unpaid? It would just be a bit of help with bills etc and ease my anxiety a bit.



Thank you but that doesn’t really answer my question unless I am being really dumb.

Does one or both of your parents receive Attendance Allowance. This needs to be in place before you can apply.

As you are still employed even though it’s unpaid. That is a question for the DWP. It might be an idea to ask. If you could apply how long it would take to set it up.

Yeah my mum gets the higher rate of allowance. I got carers allowance for a couple of months last year when I was unemployed as my earnings weren’t above £123 a week, but I currently work 25 hours so once I declared that it stopped.

I think you would be asked to get a letter from your employer. Confirming the time you will be taking off. I see no reason why your could not make a claim.

It’s not really about the number of hours you work but how much you earn i.e. less than £123 per week (currently) that counts.

As has been suggested you could try to contact the DWP and run the question past them; alternatively you could email the Carers UK Adviceline and see if they have a definitive answer.

Hi Lisa and anyone else out there…only just come back to this site due to current crisis! I live with and care for my mom who is 90, has severe COPD amongst other health issues and has just received her “extremely vulnerable Adult” letter from the NHS. I’m must admit becoming quite confused myself…in my experience it’s easier said than done to contact bodies such as the DWP in @normal@times and all these fact sheets are very confusing…not much help at the moment but just to let you know your not alone in your confusion…no your not really dumb.
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