Not able to deal with my state of mind situation

Right now, I’m having a hard time coping with life because of my struggles with ASD and depression. I’m exhausted, stressed, overwhelmed, and depressed, and I’m not sure how I’ll ever be able to keep going. I got my first job last October and lost it in December because I couldn’t cope, so pathetic, even my dad says I should.
Even though having ASD explains a lot about me (which I’ve always been curious about), it does nothing to alleviate my current state of mind, and so I decided to give this a shot. However, I’m willing to try new things in an effort to better my situation and myself, so I gave it a azar echatspin shot.

Hi Patrick,

It’s understandable you feel depressed and stressed after losing your job. Not having a job can lead to a lack of purpose and routine, which is hard for anyone but especially those with autism to deal with. Are you exercising daily, eating regularly, getting enough sleep and spending time on your hobbies/special interests? Your GP can also help and can refer you for counselling, although it’s worth making sure that the counsellor has experience and understanding of the needs of people with autism.

if you google autism employment support Uk you will find lots of resources and organisations that might be able to help you with choosing the right sort of work for you; applying for and keeping a job. You will need to check out which ones operate in your area.

There is information here on information for a prospective employer so they are aware of how best to support you in your role Employing autistic people


Staying physically active makes a world of difference. I started running after my depression started evolving into anxiety and panic attacks. You might not notice the first couple times, but once it becomes a part of your routine you’ll find you’re loads happier. I hope that helps!

The basic concept is that when we experience something traumatic; our consciousness splits. We split to avoid the feelings we felt during the traumatic event because we didn’t know how to handle it any other way at the time.

The part you distanced yourself from subconsciously is still inside bringing up the thoughts / fears of the event (to be noticed so you can heal it), which then creates the accompanying emotions.

To distract yourself or learning mindfullness is an excellent tool to manage it, but the root cause remains. What needs to be done to heal and move on completely (this is possible) is shadow work. To work with your subconscious.

When something happens that triggers a fear or a negative emotion, start looking at the thought that came up as being the thought from a past you that needs love and healing. With practice you can actually start communicating quite clearly with your parts, and give them what they need so you can heal.

It’s of course easier said then done to just start giving the parts what they need, but the first step is awareness. For you to realize that they’re there. The moment you discover a part; a healing process has started.

To heal something means to experience the opposite, so you can start by giving the parts what they needed when the traumatic event happened. A traumatic event can be as simple as feeling left behind in a store if mom disappeared for a moment, depending on the age you were.

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