Hi have been looking after my wife with bpd for 8 years. 3 years full time.
We have 2 children 8 and 11
I Find the financial challenges the hardest at the moment.
My question is:-
Can you get a carers card.
To assist with concessions / discounts.
Thanks in advance.
Tony :smiley:

Hi Tony.

Carers Card ?

Regular visitor to this forum … some links to past threads follow :

Second link contains links to numerous earlier threads.

In essence , and despite asking for close on 20 years , nothing thats acceptable nationwide.

There are some , specific , concessionary cards out … CONCESSIONARY CARDS FOR CARERS … search will reveal a few.

Financial challenges ?

With half the 7.8 million family / kinship carer army close to / at / below the Official Poverty Line , hardly surprising ?

An Online Benefits Calculator for a benefits m.o.t. :

Any abnormalities thrown up ?