NHS CHC on Facebook

Been umming and ahhing whether to go on Facebook. Anybody on Facebook?

Just came across Continuing HealthCare (CHC) | Facebook, it’s Facebook’s Continuing HealthCare (CHC);

About this group

This is a space to create debate around CHC. Many many with high care needs are being turned down the opportunity to gain access to NHS funded Continuing HealthCare, putting pressure on the future of their independence. The current economic conditions in the UK are putting more pressure on these VERY important and much appreciated care packages. People with spinal cord injuries are very much affected by this situation, so debate, experiences and solutions to encourage CHC for those who REALLY need it, would be most appreciated.

Also came across the following online info;

Relatives & Residents Association

We support, inform and speak on behalf of older people in care


Just give them a go.
It could be just what you need, or not!
If you don’t like the FB group then leave it.
If you don’t like FB delete your account.

I’ve done a lot of research about how to use/set up Facebook, not that simple.

If you can use this forum, you can use Facebook. My son with learning difficulties has a Facebook account. He can’t read, write, or do any maths but we can send him pictures, messages he can hopefully ask his staff to read to him etc. I keep in touch with friends who I meet in Crete, scattered around the world, etc, etc. I never say when I am going away on the main site. I can send photos to friends. Wonderful to be able to keep in touch during lockdown.

It’s a bit longer process than registering on here as a member because there are more options.

Just follow the FB step by step process to set up the account and their privacy options which they have made easy to do. You don’t have to put any personal details in there eg job, hobbies etc - all of those are optional.

If you have a trusted friend who is savvy with FB you could ask them to help you set up your account and privacy.

I’ve done research in using an alias name as don’t want to use my actual name, doesn’t seem possible.

That’s a different issue!
I seldom comment on the CUK group because I can’t be anonymous.

Having an alias is an entirely different matter, from your post and replies it seemed that you were talking about the actual registering process to FB and not setting up an alias.

Alias names are not allowed on FB, it’s a way of guarding against abusive use of FB and members.
Anyone with dubious names/aliases can be reported and deleted.

You can set tight privacy and you can join that group and just ‘lurk’ in there i.e view and not post, if the group is public you don’t need to join it if you only want to lurk.

You can use a fake name instead of an alias if you just want to use specific groups. I know a few social workers and teachers who can’t put their full real name on for security purposes and they just use their first name (Like Sarah Jayne).

I’ve done some research and it sounds like you’d get pulled up using a fake name. Not sure what to think, as my friend has been banned from Facebook for using her real name as Facebook claim it’s a common name.

We have an unusual surname. Facebook didn’t like it. The only way my eldest son could sign up was to split his surname in half! Last week he took a lorry for an MoT He is an engineer for the council so is always taking lorries to the test centre, most examiners know him. However a new tester thought his surname was a joke. No.1 had to explain it WAS his real name, it was on his licence!!

I know loads of people on FB who don’t use their full name. Most use their first name and middle name with no surname.

I know I’ve mentioned being wary of going on Facebook. I have signed up to Twitter hoping it would be simpler, but no. Non of the responses I’ve received have been any supportive.