Social Services and Health Closing Ranks?

So I have been successful in getting the CHC Checklist decision reviewed but have today been informed that there was a meeting last week with the CPN, the CNS, the council’s assessment specialist and the nursing home manager during which my mother expressed a wish to stay at the current nursing home in Kent rather than move to Manchester where I can visit her every day. They say she has capacity to make this decision (which I am not certain about especially since they applied for a DOLS and nobody will tell me what the outcome of that is or was). This request of my mother’s is in stark contrast to what she has consistently said to me. Do I have rights to challenge that this meeting took place without me? It feels like I have been excluded at every step along the way and that there is a closing of ranks. Any thoughts or advice from anyone?

Yes, absolutely, that meeting should NOT have happened, especially as you have been in touch regularly and visit every weekend.
If she has capacity, then it is up to HER AND YOU to decide where she lives, not anyone else, so really, they’ve shot themselves in the foot, seriously. You need to explain that you CANNOT keep doing the journey, that either she stays there without you, or goes back with you and you can see each other whenever you want.
The CHC Framework talks about a normal family life, loved ones being close enough to visit.
I can’t remember, do you have Power of Attorney? If not, get a solicitor to visit asap whilst she is supposed to have capacity and get it sorted out asap. Then you cannot be sidelined.
This is appalling, make a complaint about the meeting and every single person who took part. They all must have known that family should be included.

Thank you Bowlingbun. I am feeling rather deflated and often emails that I send are selectively responded to, In other words, queries and questions remain unanswered and I am provided with something new, perhaps it is tactical to deflect my attention but all the way through this assessment I have been provided with information by accident or after an event has happened.

I will email the social worker and he them to provide me with their complaints process but it is exhausting having to deal WTA all of this, one thing after the next.

No need to contact the social worker. Go to the LA website, search for Adult Services Complaints, and you should find an online complaint form. Be sure to use the word URGENT. Doing it this way, you should get a formal computerised response, so they cannot claim it hasn’t arrived.
Otherwise / as well, write to the Director of Social Services. This usually gets a response from staff as they can see there will be a black mark on their record when it comes to promotion.

OK thanks. I will take those actions.