Still struggling getting help for my Mum's care situation

I have met another local councillor at my Mum’s house and ran through her care situation that I’m still trying to find the right help dealing with everything. Another one who sounded more eager expressing what he ‘knew’ rather than what was actually going on.

His take was in asking if health professionals involve me in my Mum’s care, I said yes except for the CCG and the NHS CHC issue.

When I mentioned how difficult it is with the local authority/social services/care agency situation, he sounded like as they are the lowest paid and seemingly non professional (even though the Care Manager repeatedly insists they are Professional, Trustworthy, Responsible + Reliable - to which his response was that’s all ‘publicity’) like we just have to lump it whatever ineficient Care Agency we get.

When I mentioned the CHC situation, sounded like wasn’t worth it.

Clearly another one, who has no idea what we’ve been through since 2012; no matter how good my English was in explaining things - you can’t get a ‘deaf’ person to hear what they won’t…and this is someone supposedly running in the next local elections.

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Maybe try again. Best of luck.

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Tried all of them in my Mum’s area and mine since 2012, same result; still hitting brick walls.

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