Hi all, I am closing in on my 80th birthday and am sole carer for my better half and partner, Pauline, who has Alzheimer’s Disease. At present I am not supported by any care plan nor indeed any family member but manage more or less. We are ex caravaners and prior to illness we spent 30+ Year touring parts of Europe but mainly Netherlands in the spring and Spain for WinterSun and all really missed by myself. I did some long haul guided tours for solo travellers whilst Pauline was in early days of Alz but now sort of tied down with caring role.

Hi Harry, welcome to the forum.

Your wife should be entitled to Attendance Allowance and exemption from Council Tax on the grounds of "severe mental impairment! (a horrible term). Easy to claim, and it should be backdated to the day of diagnosis.

I used to spend every weekend towing a caravan, following my husband in his tractor unit with low loader with a steam engine on board, going to a steam show somewhere in southern England. Life seems very tame since he died 15 years ago.