Caring for my parents - new to this group

Hello everyone

Thank you for accepting me to this group.

I care for my 91 year old Dad and my mum who is almost 85 with Alzheimer’s.

I moved them very close to me 3.5 years ago when we knew mum was poorly and have recently given up my job to provide the time and support they need.

Mum was diagnosed 3 years ago, she has major anxiety and memory problems but it seems now they are settled near family, her symptoms have stabilised, is this normal and I wonder for how long?


Welcome to the forum.
Are you parents both claiming Attendance Allowance?
Did you know that people with dementia are EXEMPT from Council Tax? It can be backdated, someone received £8,000!
Do you have Power of Attorney sorted out?
You don’t mention any outside care, so do you get any weeks off from caring?

Hi - thank you.

Mum has attendance allowance but not Dad as he is pretty good for 91 really. The only support we have is a weekly visit from a volunteer from AgeUK. Mum won’t go out anywhere, it makes her anxiety so much worse so we don’t attend any dementia cafes etc. Her sight is getting worse due to inoperable cataracts and macular degeneration so I will need to get some support in this area as we go.

They do have a reduced council tax bill and my sister and I both have POAs for them both.

I do get a break and my sister steps in, she lives further away but is great with them.

Hi Bernadette and welcome

Do have a look through our help and advice pages and check you’re getting all the support you’re entitled to while looking after your parents:

Remember to look after yourself as well! It’s nice that your sister gives you some respite, it’s so important to take time for yourself when/where you can. If you ever want to chat to other carers online and take a quick break do join a Care for a Cuppa session here:

Best wishes