Hi I’m Lynne, I’ve been a carer for my 15 year old son since he was diagnosed with ADHD, dyslexia and social anxiety when he was 8 years old. But since June last year I’ve been caring for my husband who attempted suicide, was sectioned and has been diagnosed with PTSD, multiple personality disorder and manic depression, he is going through an episode right now of sleeping all the time, not eating or taking his meds and just pushing me away, I just feel alone to be honest.

Dear Lynne - glad you found us. That’s dreadful. Do you know what brought this on with your husband? How much outside help and support do you get? What would YOU like to happen now (and if that is ‘run away’! it’s very understandable)

Do you know WHY your husband is as he is (family trauma etc etc). What is the PTSD from, anything in particular (eg, ex army?)

Hey,I’m newbie as well :smiley:

Kenneth - hi - what is your care situation? The mods may give you a thread of your own, so you don’t get muddled up with Lynne!

Hi Lynn,

Have you asked Social Services for a new Needs Assessment for your son, and Carers Assessment for you? Is your son still in education? Has post 16 Education been sorted out?

It’s absolutely vital that you don’t wear yourself out. I know how tough being a mumtiple carer can be, and one time I was supporting my son with SLD and four poorly parents!