New here help!

Hi I’m. Lorraine (39) my son (20)has severe MH issues but is adamant he’s fine yet everyone can see he’s not right.i also have 2 daughters (21) and (15)latter is adhd and not in school and a partner who works full time as I do when I can get the hours.

Age 15 my son was sectioned after several suicide attempts due to him disclosing abuse from a family member which happened when he was 7-8. Most of Family took abusers side

More recently to me and other close friends and family I still talk to its become apparent he has something more I’m thinking bi-polar narcissism schizophrenia or combinations I honestly have no idea and he says he’s fine and won’t see anyone

2 year or so ago he told everyone I kicked him out (I hadn’t) no argument nothing just told people lies he came round one day when I was at work and attacked my partner (apparently over a glass he was told off for breaking years ago) my elder daughter kicked him out the house I ended up paying a deposit on a caravan so he could live there but ended up paying his rent more often than not which couldn’t go on so he ended up back home.

A round 6months ago he stole my car and crashed it following a breakup with his gf and not sleeping for 3 days while I had spent 2 days trying to get him help was waiting for doctors to phone

2 months ago he kicked my dryer denting it and chucked bin over the floor because he was pissed of he lost his job in February because his sister was noisy in September. He had also been playing music loud enough early enough that my neighbours got really angry about he was proving a point apparently. after the dryer and bin incident I agreed we can’t live together and that he should move out that if he sought help I would in turn help him find and pay for somewhere initially soon as he spoke to doctor just said I’m fine.

The worst bit was when a few days later he thought he had covid we said stay in your room I took him food and water up his sister did mess about saying give me it so she could have a day of work… But was just joking. she goes to work gets sent home till everyone’s had a covid test (3/5 of us work for same company) so none of us could go work till we got tests which we did my sonwas happy to have one but when he found out we couldn’t work until we all had negatives he refused he wanted us all to lose our jobs because he lost his (which is stupid cos how’s he guna eat if we’re all out of work? . Literally spoke to me snarling and through his teeth “You can go on universal credit” so I called police had him removed from house (prior to this I had asked my cousin if he could stay there)

He walks around the house like the King we all walk on eggshells as we don’t know what mood he’s going to be in noone likes him because he lies manipulates causes drama/problems is lazy makes mess damages property and yet apparently I owe him money and everything is my fault
Or everyone else’s fault. He’s nasty and seems to like the pain and upset he causes

He asked to come back for one night a week later but I said no I don’t want him here he’s currently staying at a friend’s empty flat but can’t stay for long there. Keeps telling me hell have so much money at end of month to get a place but he’s wages go in my bank I see he don’t get a lot and almost half goes on transport to and from work so more lies and fantasies

Sorry I know its long but I’ve had noone I can talk to who understands or cares how hard it is. He came for dinner today but I found him exhausting telling me how I change gears wrong and so does his friend and we should do it differently and when I said (not even in a serious way) how about you stop telling people how to drive when you haven’t even got a licence) his face looked like I punched him and he didn’t speak the whole way back to his. I asked if his friend would be at the flat when we got back and his answer was “it’s her flat” in a short tone I could go bald with the stress

Thank you for reading I needed to get it out