Newbie wanting support

Hello everybody, I’m feeling a bit lost at the moment and not my usual cheery self.
I’m 37 and full-time carer for my 51 yr old husband who has acute regional pain due to his spine crumbling away which was a caused originally by him having a heart attack on his 40th birthday and having to lose a lot if weight as he was 29stone and his heart couldn’t cope, well as he lost 10 stone in about 12 months his spine started collapsing. We moved house and he seemed to be getting better. We have 4 wonderful children 15,14,9 and 8. About 7 years ago his pain got drastically worse and needed a lot more pain relief and support. Our ds was diagnosed with autism 6 years ago and I’ve been juggling caring for my kids and husband. Over the past couple of years I find myself getting annoyed a lot more and it seems mainly focused on my husband as our roles have flipped, where he was big and strong and powerful now I’m the one burdened with everything. I love my family so much. Not looking for sympathy just needed to rant in a non-judgemental space. I’ve deleted this so many times as it reads so selfish. Angry at the life we had planned that has vanished. Can’t talk to people close as they don’t really understand and then feel sorry for us. Sorry again for the rant x

Hi Maxine & welcome

You have a lot of your plate. And are doing an amazing job of juggling for everyone in your family. You now need to offload and get some me time.

As there been a needs assessment for your husband and carers assessment for you. If not this needs to take place A.S.A.P

As the children are off school social services should provide. The children with young carer support and day respite activities (if they want to take part).

Are you receiving all benefits you are entitled too.

There is light at the end of the tunnel and this is where it start.