Newbie here x

I am a career for my mum and the past month she’s just been deteriorating . She is on kidney dialysis ,a diabetic,trapped nerve in back and on so many different medications I think it’s only just hitting me now can I cope with this all on my own? X so I’ve hoped to join here for some friendly help and advice

Welcome, don’t even think about doing it all on your own.
How old is mum?
Is she receiving any disability benefits?
How much can she do for herself?
Has she had a recent Needs Assessment from Social Services?

My mum is 74 and receives attendance allowance and I receive careers allowance she can walk around her flat to toilet and kitchen . This week she has a lot of fluid in her to do with her kidneys . We have had a mobility nurse come out and see us and in the process of contacting someone about a walk in shower/ wetroom and I think they are from adult social care x