Claiming PIP whilst receiving Carers Allowance

Does anyone claim PIP whilst receiving carers allowance? I still look after my husband full-time and I have some health issues which are making things harder for me but I’m worried that I’ll lose my carers if I go through with my PIP claim.

thanks Jean

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Hi Jean, I am not sure the best thing is to contact the carers helpline or citizen advice.

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Welcome to the forum. A few years ago I was waiting for two knee replacements whilst caring for mum and son. It was really tough because son, brain damaged at birth in 1979, just wanted what he called his “real” mummy, and elderly housebound mum needed constantly reminding that I too was disabled! It’s absolutely vital you look after your own health. Look at all the things you are doing, maybe make a list? Some things can be ditched altogether, flower borders are lovely but my garden is now flattened. Other things can be done by my mechanical slaves, dishwasher and tumble dryer, and others can be done by someone else, cleaning the bathroom and vacuuming. Think about what you NEED to do. Long term you just can’t do what you used to do, your partner used to do and look after your partner, it’s just not possible. Make sure you have a Carers Assessment from Social Services and you each have a Needs Assessment from them. Our CUK helpline is brilliant on benefits advice, they made me £50 a week better off a long time ago! If there is anything specific you are struggling with, just share it with us here. Usually one of us will have had a similar problem already.


My wife currently receives both.

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