New to the group

Hi, I’m new to the group & just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Sharon & I care for my husband who was diagnosed 3yrs ag with alzheimers.

Hi Sharon,

welcome to the forum.

It’s not easy caring for someone with any form of dementia. How are you coping?


Hi Sharon I hope you are coping well and you have had needs assessments and know your way around other forums and websites for Alzhiemers too.

Hello Sharon

I care for my 83 year old husband. I feel he has some form of dementia but he is medically non compliant so not going to be easy progressing and getting a diagnosis.

The Talking Point Forum which Breezy told me about is very good. There is also a lot of information about dementia. It may be worth exploring? Dementia is progressive but the rate at which it progresses seems hard to predict . Also do you have a local Carers Group? They can often provide a telephone befriender, most have been Carers too, so that can help.

Hello I too am a carer but for my mum,

Nice to meet you.

how are you coping with that?