New to the forum

Good morning all, I have just found and joined the forum this morning. I am hoping to find and possibly give support as a live-in carer to my elderly Mum. I have been living with my Mum for the last three years and have two teenage sons who spend equal time with me and their father. I have two brothers who help out a little bit. Hello to all and happy Sunday.

Hi LIz, welcome to the forum.
There is a lot to consider, and there might be some nasty surprises later if you don’t plan carefully.

How old is mum?
Does she have any specific disability issues?

Do you have a home away from Mum, or do you and your sons live permanently at mum’s?
Does she own or rent her home?
Does she have over £23,000 in savings (just Yes/No)?
Do you have any other children?

Do you get on well with mum?
How old are you? Now the pension age has risen, there are huge implications for women giving up work to care for their parents, then when the parents die, they are in their sixties, too young for a pension, too old with rusty skills to get back into the job market.

Hello, Liz. How are you? Welcome here!