Hi im mandy and a full time carer

for my mum who has copd and is house and chair bound really sruggling atm as i feel so
run down ive been ill twice in 3wks with coughs and colds feel like im losing the plot

Hi Mandy,

Welcome to the forum. We can help make things better for you, but a bit more information would be helpful. I’ve been a carer for 40 years, since my son was brain damaged at birth. Also supported all four parents through what feels like every illness possible, and I’ve fallen into many traps along the way!

How old is mum?
Does she own or rent her home?
Have over £23,000 in savings?
How old are you?
Do you have a home of your own, or live with mum?
Claiming Carers Allowance?

My son is home this weekend, will pop back on the forum some time later today.

Hi Mandy,

Welcome to the forum.

Caring is hard enough, let alone when the carer is worn out and poorly.

We are here with advice on the practical side of things and for emotional support.


Welcome to the forum. We can all relate to that worn down/burn out feeling.

Feel free to ask anything/vent when needed :slight_smile: but as someone has already said - if you want to, you can give us a bit more info about your situation and we can as a collective try and support you practically too.