Just joined


I’m Lesley, caring for my 83 year old Mum.

I work 7 hours a week as a Lollipop Lady and otherwise care for my Mum.

I’ve read some of the posts here and it’s good to find a supportive bunch of people. At least we’re all going through similar problems and we have a place to share.

Not sure how much longer Mum will live, her sister is in her 90’s so I might still be here 10 years down the road.

However, Mum’s needs are increasing and, at 60, I’m no spring chicken myself. Didn’t think about this aspect years ago but at least I now have resources to find out what I can do to protect/help us in the future.

Pleased to meet you all.


Welcome to the forum.
A few quick questions.
Who owns the home where you and mum live?
Do you have any brothers and sisters?
Deos she have over £23,000 in savings?
How old is she?
Helath issues?
Help needed?
Benefits claimed?