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Hi people, my name is Jo and I have been caring for my 78 year old father for two years now, he has complex difficulties including Parkinson’s , Alzheimer ,diabetes, and a heart condition. Dad is 6" 3 and 17 stone compared to my 5" 3 and 10 stone. His mobility is poor to the point that he is pretty much housebound, my husband (of 3.5 years) has been completely wonderful, but dad is for personal reasons extremely reluctant to allow anyone but myself to do his personal care, he uses a bottle for urine and a bed pan for faeces. Accidents are frequent unless I am sat in the room with him. I love him and wouldn’t want him to go into care (having experienced working in the sector) I guess I just need to k ow I am not alone!

Hi Joanne, welcome to the forum.
I’m concerned that you don’t mention any help at all from Health or Social Services.
You must have time off with your partner, it’s NOT up to dad to give you time off, you need to TELL dad that you can’t always care for him. He must accept outside carers.

Hi Joanne, welcome to the forum

You’re not alone in your situation and I’m sure people will be along with support. It’s lovely that you can care for your Dad, you’re entitled to help with this, have a look through our advice pages and check you’re getting the support you can:

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Hi Joanne & welcome

Do I assume there has been input from an Occupational therapist. Can Dad not use a commode chair or does this movement effect his balance etc. Even though Dad is housebound some form of exercise. How every limiting to keep is body moving. Would be a good idea. There are many exercises than can been done sitting down etc.