A big heartfelt hello

:raising_hand_woman: Being new to the forum, I thought I should introduce myself. Firstly I would like to say what a wonderful space you have created here. I had been lurking for a few weeks before joining and I have discovered just how useful some of these topics will be to me over the coming months. I would also like to say what a fantastic job you are all doing, I know much of it comes naturally but it hasn’t been easy over the last 11 months.

I currently live and care for my elderly mum who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s 6 months ago. I had also been caring for my dad for around 18 months who had multiple health issues. Sadly, he passed away in November so things are still very raw for me. In between that, I have been juggling a part time/zero hour contract job so obviously any time I have off is unpaid. In the current climate, to help keep my mum safe, I have stopped working until further notice.

Due to these circumstances I have decided to apply for carers allowance. This was something that I hadn’t planned to do just yet but feel that it’s my best option right now. I do have other siblings that I can lean on for support but due to Covid we have decided that it is best if they stay away at the moment. However, they do keep in contact regularly and help me out from a distance when needed.

As I’m still not hot on all the info on benefits etc, I thought this forum would be the perfect place to find out.

Hi Shez and welcome to the forum.

I’m glad you found it useful and informative.

I’m sorry about your Dad.

You could use Carer’s Uk Upfront guide https://www.carersuk.org/upfront/

Here is a link to a benefit calculator Benefits calculator | Carers UK

and specifically to information on carer’s allowance Carer's Allowance | Carers UK

If you need further advice, you could contact the helpline

You can email us at > adviceline@carersuk.org > and we will respond to your enquiries within 10 working days, although it can often be sooner.

Our telephone helpline providing information is open from Monday to Friday between 9am and 6pm - 0808 808 7777


Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear about dad. I found it changed everything.
Can I ask how old you and mum are?
Is mum receiving Attendance Allowance? This needs to be claimed before you can claim Carers Allowance.
Do you have power of Attorney?
Does mum own or rent her home?
Have over £23,000 in savings?

Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. It’s hard adjusting to life without dad and worrying about mum at the same time. I need all the help I can get.

Thank you. It has been very hard. Especially during the pandemic. I’ve not been able to take mum out to lift her spirits and I can see her mental health is suffering, also mine but I’m trying to put her needs first at the moment. If Covid wasn’t around we would be going shopping or treating ourselves to afternoon tea.

Mum is 78 and I am 40. Mum has attendance allowance, and myself and my brother are power of attorney’s. Mum owns her home. Not sure about the savings as my brother deals with the finacial aspects. Will her savings affect whether I qualify for carers allowance if over £23,000?

Your Mum’s savings are not taken into account for carers allowance; only your income if you are working.
Take a look at the link, in my first reply.


Ah, yes! Application complete and supporting documents sent, i.e payslips. I only have a small amount of savings, so well within the requirements :slight_smile:

Hi Shez,

Oh well done; if you are like me, you can tick that task off your list!


Your brother should be sharing details of finances with you.
The reason I asked about £23,000 is because that it the limit above which Social Services expect a disabled person to pay for all their care. Below that there is a sliding scale, so mum pays some, Social Services pay some.
If she has less than that amount, it’s really important to get in touch with Social Services, and ask them to do a Needs Assessment, because you will need regular time off from caring. Just because you are supporting mum doesn’t mean she isn’t entitled to care if she needs it.

This will be something that we will have to consider in the future. At the moment she is capable. I can leave her for a few hours to work if needed and that’s only because she gets lonely with my dad gone. But she does need reminding to take her meds and I cook her dinners and make sure she remembers to eat lunch. She still keeps busy with the housework etc. I am monitoring her illness very carefully. I wouldn’t leave her without the care she needs but at this point she would be very insulted if I applied for something that she doesn’t need right now.

Yes. I may apply for an additional benefit once the carers allowance comes through but I shall see how that goes first. One step at a time.