HI All

New here. Now 74 I became a carer for my wife Sue some while ago though haven,t claimed for it as yet. She suffers from copd so on Disability Living Allowance. We also get State Pension. Sue is currently recuperating from a broken right leg and as she has chronic arthritis in both knees that doesn,t help the situation. Not sure whether I,m entitled to any other benefit, but every little helps. Thanks for any advice in anticipation. :yum::+1::ok_hand:

Hi Byron.

On the benefits front , time to crunch some numbers through an online benefits calculator :


A financial m.o.t. if you prefer … are all benefits / allowances out there being claimed ?

State pension … demned an overlapping benefit when it comes to Carers Allowance … so , no CA if the
state pension is being paid !

Free tv licence on reaching 75 , winter fuel allowance … both on your radar ?

Housing … all okay on that front , Council Tax discount in operation ?

AGE UK … on their radar ?

If not , highly recommended :

Needs / carer assessments … upto date through your LA ?

Just a few thoughts to keep you gouing for a while until others extend their welcomes.