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Hi all

At the moment I feel like a 3 times carer, having 1 adult child on the autistic spectrum who also has anxiety which can be debilitating, 1 adult child with severe social anxiety who is currently transitioning, and a partner who is currently working abroad and has had problems with his mental health for many years now.

Joined because I wanted to reach out to others in the same position as me…

Thanks for listening.



I also have two young people with additional needs one son who is 24 with autism and debilitating anxiety too and another younger with learning disabilities

It does have a huge impact on life in general.

The forum is great for feeling less isolated and getting general advice

Hello and welcome!

This forum is great for advice and support. As someone who has no family here at all, I find this forum is a lifesaver for my sanity.

Thank you both for replying. One of those things where I know I’m not alone, but it is very easy to feel alone. Don’t always want to talk about things with family and friends…


You are welcome.

Family and friends dont always understand. Unless they have been in our shoes they cant possibly can they?

Any time you want any advice just ask.

welcome and happy posting!!

Welcome. Does everyone stay home all day, or go out?
Benefits sorted?