New to caring and carers allowance

My mum will be moving in with me and I’ll be doing things for her such as washing, ironing, changing beds, shopping, cooking basically all the stuff I do for my kids. How do I work out if I meet the criteria for carers allowance please? Do I have to sit down and add up every hour I do stuff? Not sure how to work it out! Thank you.b

Amanda, have you thought this through?
You are going to be constantly torn between children and mum, with no time off.
Is it fair on your children.
Very easy to move mum in, but for how long?
Does she own or rent her home? Claim Disability Benefits? Have over £23,000 in savings?
What housekeeping has been arranged?
Does this include your time?

There have been so many carers who have ended up bitterly regretting moving mum and dad in with them, that I’m playing “devil’s advocate” here.

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Thank you for your replies. Yes she gets PIP. She doesn’t need round the clock care, she can get around and do stuff for herself I’ll only be doing meals, laundry and shopping, the stuff I do for my family now. I don’t see how it would affect my time with my children as she doesn’t need someone with her just help with some basic stuff. She rents her house from family and has no savings

One problem that people encounter is that initially the parent can manage fairly well, but inevitably as they get older, and you get older, their needs increase significantly until they die.

Meanwhile you get older, and the children too.
Will mum want to sit on the settee watching her programmes on TV, sending the kids to their bedrooms instead?
How will you manage family holidays?
How will you manage days out?

Try to look ahead 10 or 20 years and consider how things will be then.
If mum was living alone she would get help from Social Services if she needed it, unlikely in your house.

This is a rough summary of some of the issues others have experienced.