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I joined Carers Uk yesterday and am still finding my way around the website. I care for my partner who has advanced Parkinson’s Disease with Dementia, ulcerative colitis, arthritis and hearing loss in both ears. He is 70 so is shielding for the recommended 12 weeks and does not go out at all. I go out but observe social distancing. I am not coping at all well because I am dealing with the loss of my father (October 2019) while trying to keep my own spirits up and my husband’s. My husband has extreme anxiety and is on medication for this and also for depression. He says he has nothing to look forward to. I am encouraging him to get in the garden as he is very green fingered. Just wondering how others are coping.

Hi Judith,

Welcome to the forum.

it’s not easy keeping up someone else’s spirits as well as your own, especially under Lockdown! I think you are wise to go out each day for a walk and encouraging your partner to get out into the garden is a good idea too.

S is really struggling and we have compiled a list of what we’d like to do once restrictions are lifted- perhaps you and your partner could do the same.

You might find this thread helpful to boost your own mood.


Hi Judith _2005,

Welcome to the forum - sounds like you’ve got a wealth of caring experience to share here.

As Melly1 shared, do have a look round our help and advice pages and make sure you’re getting all the support you can, please ask any questions if you need help navigating around.

Our Facebook group is a good community too: Carers UK

We’re organising a weekly online Care for a Cuppa vidoe chats starting this week. It’s a chance to get together to take a break whilst sharing information over a tea or coffee (and maybe a biscuit or two). If you would like to joint there is more information in this forum post: Our Forum | Carers UK.

Hope this helps and let us know if we can do anything.

Best wishes,