New to all of this

Semi retired, Nanny, Wife, Mother’s carer, runner, dog lover . Had Mum living with us for 4 months, what a learning curve. :astonished: Hardest thing I’ve ever done.

Hi Andrea, welcome to the forum.

Would you like to tell us more about mum? Age, disability, the things you find most difficult? Does she have a Granny Annexe?

always remember you’re a runner and a dog lover too as well as all those “giving” roles. It’s too easy to let others see us as just carers.

Hello Andrea and welcome to the forum. I understand how you feel. My mum doesn’t live with me but lives 5 mins from me. I care for her every day and I do feel taken for granted. My mum is surprised if I want to do anything that doesn’t involve her.
How old is your mum and why did she move in with you?