New to the forum

Hi I am new to the forum I am a full time carer for my amazing mum I wanted to join a group so that I can chat to other carers here. I try my best to care for my mum she is 78 and has a lot of allements her mobility is the biggest because she has psoriasis on the bottoms of her feet and hands. Could anyone give me any ideas of how I can make things better or do more to make mums life easier

Hi I am a full time carer for my 78 year old mum she is amazing she makes me laugh and cry sometimes. I really do love taking care of her but I’m sure I could do more. It would be nice to chat to other carers. I’m 51 and have always looked after mum if it’s just shopping a chat etc. We recently moved into a 2 bed place that is so lovely. I have a few health problems myself and depression and anxiety etc but won’t go on about myself.

Are there any other carers who have health problems ? I try not to look like I struggle just need advice on how to juggle alot of things.

Any advice would be good.

Thank you


Hi & welcome Lee

This is a forum for carers.

but won’t go on about myself

This is a place for you to go on about yourself.

I really do love taking care of her but I’m sure I could do more.

It sounds like you do already do a lot.

I have a few health problems myself and depression and anxiety etc

As a carer it’s really important to look after your physical & mental well being. Rather then find more things to support Mum. Find support for you. Are you connected to a local carers group.

Hi thank you for your message I hope I am replying the right way. This is my first and only carer forum I belong to I found this only today. I would just like to feel like I’m not alone and just hope I’m doing an OK job of caring for my mum. She is a amazing mum my best friend but I do have a few physical and mental problems myself but just don’t know what to do.


The very fact you are already supporting Mum. That doesn’t mean you have to do everything. If you became ill and were unable to care for Mum. Mum would need outside intervention.

Many people have a needs assessment for the person they look after and a carers assessment for themselves.

They may not need physical help immediately. But this allows for an assessment of needs to be held of a system in case of emergencies


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If your Mum’s psoriasis is not controlled or has flared up, then insist she has an appointment with the GP and she may need a referral to a dermatologist at the hospital. It must be horrid having it on her hands and the soles of her feet. You might find some useful information here

Sunnydisposition is right, it is important to look after yourself too.

What do you like to do when you aren’t supporting your Mum?

You might like the Cuppa for Carers sessions Online meetups | Carers UK


Hi Lee 2015,

I care for my dad who is nearly 91. He was doing okay but has gone down hill in the last year.

I suffer with an auto immune disease and anxiety, i constantly worry i should be doing more.

Sometimes however you have given your all and there is nothing more you can do.

A carer with social services once said to me it is hard because he has the capacity to make decisions and that right means he can choose to make bad decisions that wont help his condition. For instance he can refuse to eat and not drink as much as he should and this will lead to urine infections but that is out of your control.

I find this very hard to accept but i know from experience that nagging and worrying impacts on my health too so try to give myself a break and acknowledge his rights.