New PM's promise to fix Social Care system

Just heard on the News that Boris Johnson has promised to fix the Social Care system, so that no-one should have to sell their own homes to pay for Care. We’ll see…

I saw that too, wondered what he had in mind. At least it is coming up the political agenda.

In the news clip I saw, he only mentioned the elderly in relation to social care and nothing to do with the disabled …


There’s only one real way to fix the social care system.

How can that be reconciled with BoJo’s promise to cut taxes even further ???

Green Paper thread for more.

Where do WE fit in ?

One reason why either Professor Clements or Beresford should be invited onto this forum.

Before we know it , our fate will be determined for a generation … without us having a say !

Better NHS. Better education. 20,000 more police. Not having to
sell house for care home. Lower taxes for the richer.
Just words, words, words.

How’s that clown going to pay for it all?

Out of his own very deep very rich pockets I hope :laughing:

Whenever I see things such as this promised by politicians, there’s one useful fact that I refer back to in my head which helps to put the figures in perspective.

There’s over 30,000 schools in the UK, so 20,000 more police, (or nurses or doctors or whatever is being promised) equates to one extra copper to cover the area of 1.5 schools.

It’s not quite so impressive in comparison and won’t make a blind bit of difference to preventing crime.

Re:fixing Social Care system. They suggest x is introduced in x years from now and then when it gets close to the date they will scrap it.