Is Caring about to be the new political football?

Was interested to note that Ed Davey (Liberals) set out in his inauguration to leadership of the Liberals that caring was very high on his agenda. We also have the media commenting on the impact of COVID on mental health and, as an Ex Serviceman, I am seeing a mobilisation of action in support of the PTSD and suicide figures by veteran groups. Do you think our lot will be improved or is it just talk?

I hope it makes a difference, but I’m not holding my breath. In recent years there has been a great focus on getting carers “back to work”. Yet if you qualify for Carers Allowance you ARE already doing a full week’s work! If you do manage to work as well,then CA is taken away as it is not classified as work!!! It is an " income substitute benefit", same as those who get benefits for doing NOTHING!! Respite care and normal services are not running. Those with learning difficulties supposedly in supported living had support withdrawn, no option but to return to elderly parents, in one case an 84 year old dad. No C A for pensioners! The care system in this country is now BROKEN.

I have seen that too.

Its hard to imagine that carers will be top of the list whoever is in charge with all the money that’s been spent recently.

We have been told that the government cannot afford to pay us any more, but just look at how much money they’ve managed to find now.
Why did they need to furlough and fund people up to a limit of £50,000!?!?
All the usual support services are not working properly.

We just don’t have a powerful enough voice for any major changes to be achieved.

It’s difficult to understand why, with there being 7 million of us, but that’s the reality, (as a recent topic on here has shown).

The leader of the Liberal party, whilst he may be a Carer is not a significant enough politician to get things done.

Was just saying to my caree there was one of the local MP’s on TV waffling on about something but a lot of Mp’s and other official people all got together, photos in the paper to improve help and support for unpaid carers.

Think that was when the Care act started 2014/2015 and what has changed what support am i and other unpaid carers getting?

The key here is unpaid, there are conferences and award ceremony’s for paid carer of the year.

Again there’s a ceremony in a fancy hotel, picture in paper, box of chocs.

There are all these charitys advertising our volunteers helped so many people and gave 1000 hours or such and such a figure.
Big deal 1000 hours thats 6 weeks for me, then i got to do it all over again, another 1000 hours, another 1000 hours.

I occasionally have a chat with an other unpaid carer on my street moan about the world and how bad it is, he isn’t getting any support either total opposite, he is like me supporting other unpaid carers to give them a break.

Time and time again The Government Boris is supposed to sorting out the social care crisis, what has he done, not a lot.

Corona came along and things got 10 times worse, what little care and support you did get was promptly reduced.

I just think there is so little understanding of unpaid carers, that we get the right support , supplying paid carers 3 times a day resolves all our issues.
No it doesn’t the carers don’t turn up at the right times and many just have little training in personal care and complex illness’s dementia and other conditions. Or the won’t don’t can’t do this, if someone is dependent on carers but they can’t do half the jobs needed, who does?

As i have said so many times there’s children in Need, but how about Unpaid Carers in Need, a full day on the tv, having unpaid carers speak about their issues and Mp’s to sit and listen and resolve issues.

I just feel terribly betrayed. I quit my job when I was reasonably healthy, since then my health has gone down hill to the point every step I take is painful while trying to take care of an elderly person with physical and mental illnesses.

The only benefit I have ever claimed is Carers allowance. So many people I meet tell me I should be claiming PIP as I’m a sure in. I eventually applied when my financial situation hit rock bottom. It was almost like a kick in the teeth when I received a reply telling me I had 0 points out of 108 and didn’t qualify. I expected to have to contest the decision, but after 0 points I just gave up.

I haven’t had a break in 18 months, EVERY day I’m up at 7:40 fetching Mum Coffee, sitting next to her and re-assuring her. What I would give for just one lie in. At some point something has to give and unfortunately I think its going to be my body.