New Social Care Proposals - what does it mean?


Can anyone help simplify about the new government social care proposals and the proposed 80k cap for paying for social care please? I’m reading a lot that mentions how it may mean people may not need to sell their homes to go into care? But I can’t seem to find any solid information.

Thanks in advance


I think it’s far too early to be able to say George - it’s going to take a few days for his plans to be made clear and, even then. there are going to be questions raised before Parliament votes on his proposals and they become (or not !) law.

It does seem likely that his proposals will reflect, in some measure, the Dilnot Report of 10 years ago and that there is likely to be a “cap” on how much any individual will be expected to contribute to their own care costs but, at this time, it’s not possible to hazard a guess as to what that figure is likely to be.

It seems its just been announced it will go ahead? But won’t begin until October 2023…I had wondered if we might not have to sell my mother’s house as she will need to go into care early next year its looking like. But oh well, wishful thinking :smiley: Plus we live in Scotland so not sure it will apply here anyway

Another long period of uncertainty seems guaranteed!

From what I’ve read Boris’s announcements/proposals apply only to England - Scotland and the other devolved nations already have different systems re social care in place and make their own autonomous rules.

I wouldn’t worry too much. They had this plan four years ago (without the NI increases) and it went nowhere.

Hi George, A couple of days ago I posted a question in the All About Caring section of this forum in which I asked for details of the plan. As of this morning, the post has been viewed 71 times and I have 0 responses! There’s nothing much in the Bill going through Parliament, just high level governmental financial legalese!

I believe Scotland has a different system from England anyway.

I was reminded by someone on the radio that the costs of care in care homes are itemized as care costs and residential/meal costs. Even if people’s care costs have a £85,000 lifetime cap, I wouldn’t be surprised if they would still need to pay uncapped room and board!

Even if people’s care costs have a £85,000 lifetime cap, I wouldn’t be surprised if they would still need to pay uncapped room and board!

That’s my understanding too, Rosemary. If that’s the case though they can’t absorb people’s pensions leaving them their spending money as they’ll need that to pay board and food costs. Am unclear if that will be everyone or just those who were self funding. I haven’t much idea over what those costs would be nor how they equate to a pension? Nor have they thought through how it would affect couples.


They are still expecting people to pay for their “hotel” costs, according to something I saw.
I’m also wondering about the future of disability benefits. These used to be paid to help cover the extra costs of disability.
If care is going to be free if you have under £20,000, and you are living at home, I just wonder if you will have to accept council care for free and they scrap DLA/PIP?
The devil is in the details.
On the Social Care Warriors website, there is an excerpt from the Care Act about charges, which are now being charged.
Whoever wrote it needs training in plain English! That was written 7 years ago, and still no clear answers.

However, I’m now questioning exactly what covers DRE - Disability Related Expenditure, and also who should pay for white goods that need replacing. How many years will we be questioning any new act I wonder???

The lifetime cap makes me wonder exactly what is included in care costs. Specialized equipment, house adaptations, disposables (pads, wipes), respite care etc.- Just what will be allowable to count towards the lifetime cap? From what date will these costs count? Had we better start rummaging for records of expenditures, or will the tally start at some future date, yet to be determined? Yes, BB, the devil is in the details!

I wonder who is going to keep the records? Any ideas?

I have the feeling that what we consider to be care costs will not match with the government’s view! A white paper is supposed to be released in about a month +/-!