Queen's speech and social care

Did I miss the section on social care, or, as I suspect, the subject wasn’t mentioned?

The latter !

Time to blow the dust that’s accumalted on that yellowing Green Paper ?

There again , do we honestly want to know what’s NOT inside it ?

Ignorance is bliss!

Did Saints win last night?

Yep … 13-6.

Bears in AlCaponeLand on Sunday … early hours of Monday morning job.

The Chicago Bears will be stiffer competition I would think!

Yep … the Saints don’t like the cold weather up there for a start !

Those Bears are tough. They have to be to survive those Chicago winters!


**_Social care: Still no details of firm plan

The Government has long delayed publication of a consultation into overhauling the care system, and no details emerged today.

‘We will bring forward substantive proposals to fix the crisis in social care to give everyone the dignity and security they deserve,’ it said.

Rachael Griffin, financial planning expert at Quilter, said: 'The UK’s social care system has been primed for reform for what seems like an eternity.

'Pledges to resolve the issue have been two a penny, but an elusive green paper has yet to materialise.

'It appears that we have waited for so long that we are now going to bypass that stage altogether, with parties promising to deliver concrete proposals.

'> One policy growing in popularity for both camps is free personal care. The impetus for this kind of policy makes sense and it seems straight forward.

‘However, the government will need to be crystal clear to what is included within ‘free’ social care, as it is unlikely to include “hotel costs” such as room and board.’_**