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Hi thank you for reading this, I’m a carer for my husband and get very lonely, anyone else feel the same Jayne

Hi Jayne,
It’s very common I’m afraid. Would you like to tell us a bit more about your husband, age, disability?
Are you claiming all the benefits you are entitled to?
Getting any support from Social Services?

Hello Jayne and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I think most Carers can relate to the way you feel - it can be very lonely caring for someone else especially when the caring is full on - friends and family all seem to disappear at the drop of a hat at a time when they are most needed !

We are a friendly group with lots of experience between us so if you need advice on any aspects of caring just post here and someone will be along with an answer or suggestions from their own experience. If you just want a “chat over the garden fence” then visit our monthly Roll Call topic (found in “Members Corner” further down the main index).


I am caring for my much older husband and I find it very isolating and lonely too. It is very hard to make plans as he can vary so much from day to day.Also socially he is very difficult and going out for a meal is now a nightmare.

No easy answers but I Chair a Book Club and through that have been introduced to the Wine Club by a member -only 4x a year but at least it gets me out. Book Club once a month - husband comes too but does not often read the book.

Do you have a local Carers Group where they have meetings? I have not been able to attend meetings but I do have a Telephone Befriender who phoned every couple of weeks - she was a Carer herself so very understanding.

I do make myself go and get the paper each day as it makes me do my hair and makeup and at least I get to chat to the dog walkers and shop staff. It is very hard though and unless you have experienced the restrictions of being a carer, most will not understand.

You will not be lonely on here!!!