New on here.

Hi my name is Sharon I am 49 and my son is 17 and has ASD. I also care for my mom who lives with us who is 90. I am stressing at the moment as I have to send 8 years worth of payslips off to DWP regarding my carers allowance it has been a nightmare finding them or printing them off my companys site I have used 3 lots of ink!

Hi Sharon … answer provided on the DWP aspect on the other thread you started earlier.

Caring side.

Up to date Needs and Carers Assessment through your LA ?

If not , links for both … post code lottery in respect of time … anytime from one month to several :
Carer's assessment | Carers UK

Mother … on the radar of your local branch of AGE UK ?

Son … on the radar of one of the specialist supporting organisations out there ?

Son … given age … education / independent living … others on here have first hand experience to guide you
through if so needed.

Benefits ?

All currently being claimed ?

Online Benefits Calculator which will provide the answers … a financial m.o.t. :

( Attendance Allowance being claimed by your mother ? )

Housing … any problems … especially if a tenant ?

Council Tax … discount / disregard ?

Enough from me , enough to ponder on across both threads.