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Recently My mum died in hospital 22/12/2020 with both my brother and I by her side. Just getting my mind back to some sort of order while still waiting for the medical report to come to start the process. Worst part was how quick it all seemed from a happy person been taken to bed by me as her carer. Only to ring the ambulance service 6 hours after to be told little later my mum going to die from a un-operable brain bleed.

(((HUGS))) In time you will be glad mum didn’t suffer, but you will be in shock for a while. Be kind to yourself, make lists of what you need to do, as you may suffer from “brain fog” for a while.

Sad to hear of your loss. In time you will adjust, I’m not saying it gets easier, but adjusting does start to happen.
Take care of yourself.