New job, new environment, new problems

My experience is LD working for the government. My self employed business went under due to covid. Got a job quickly in private dementia/care.

Nothing is procedural. Hooking under arm lifts. Heard a cleaner tell a resident to “fuck off”. Residents are pulled and get fearful because they can’t keep up. Residents are pushed with arms around them to bed because carers are annoyed with their repetitiveness . I vomitted at work and was given an anti nausea tablet from RN and carried on working.

Manager never talks to residents. He’s asking a temporary resident if they completed medication forms and where are they 3 weeks in.

Its a shit show sometimes.

I want to stay, work my way up and change it. I want to report it to the inspector. I want to keep my head down because I need the money.

I’ve spoken to a another new staff member who seems OK with the situations. Its horrendous to me but I’ve not worked in private before.

Is this normal? I’m trying to get my head around the converyor belt of dementia care. I have grief overload. New job. New ways. And to throw it into the mix, my husband’s auntie became a resident today.

I dont even know what my question is…


This is a forum for family carers. I suggest you contact CQC about your concerns.


I also suggest you get your husband’s auntie moved asap to somewhere else.

You need to report this place and then get a new job. Good and knowledgeable carers are in short supply, so you should be able to find something better.


The information you give us will be dealt with in confidence, and you can raise concerns anonymously. Before contacting us, you may want to:

speak to your line manager or a senior member of staff about your concerns.
read your employer’s whistleblowing policy which will give you information on what to do next.
If you feel like you can’t talk to someone in your organisation, read our quick guide to whistleblowing or guidance for workers which give helpful advice on speaking out about poor care and what protection you will have from the law.