Hello, I care for my mum and brother but have carers in to hoist mum in the morning g and evening. A very good carer left recently and the replacement is terrible. She was very tough and when I reported her she swore under her breath but I heard her. Spoke to the company ( I don’t complain often) and there has been no follow up so I have reported her to the council. How easy is it to change carers as I feel there is no going forward with this company. They have said we can’t change her despite the fact we pay. Thank you

Report this to CQC, the Care Quality Commission.

Put your complaint in writing/email and copy the LA. The care company will need to respond. If you continue to get poor service that affects your caree, then you might need to start a safeguarding case.

Keep good records of what happened and when and how it impacted the care of your loved one. It’s not so much about you as the caree.

I needed to start one which resulted in a change of care company.

Thank you so much for your replies. I will start keeping a log of all things that happen.

Be sure to raise this with CQC. They need to know about issues, they can’t tell you how many other people have had similar complaints, but when mum complained, she discovered that she was just one of many unhappy people. CQC dealt with it all without disclosing anyone’s identity, and supported the agency to improve their standards. You have nothing to fear, there can be no recriminations, if you go to them.

I dont think it would be hard to change carers, i think the real problem is the emotional support the carer person brings to the person being cared for. Wish you best of luck.