New and scary

On 24th December my partner was admitted to hospital with heart and lung failure. He had been keeping the extend of his illness from me so it was a shock.After two very close calls he was badly discharged home to me Thursday night. He is on permanent Oxygen but still appears to be gasping for breath, Whist in hospital he started having night terrors and becomes an aggressive version of himself. It has taken an hour this morning to stop him shouting out for help and I know he is doing this as not really awake. I could not awake him properly which was really scary. I am so worried that I will loose him and myself as I am an anxious person. How am I supposed to go back to work next week and leave him alone. He does not want district nurses coming in as he is only 64 is this typical

Not wanting anyone else is one of the most common problems.
Why was it a “bad discharge”? Did they do a Carers Assessment to assess your ability to care, including your wish to work?
Was he working before admission? Claiming disability benefits?

Do you know if your husband shouted out whilst in hospital?
It might help the doctors if you could film him on your phone when going through one of these phases.
In the last year, a number of carers here have filmed their caree’s behaviour. It provides clear undisputable evidence.
There might be something they can give your husband to help him. Do you think he is in real distress, or dreaming?

He sounds ill to me, especially as he can’t be woken. Call 999 or 111 or your GP out of hours service