New here


I’m new here. My son was born in 2016 with Spina Bifida and clubbed feet. He is now 2 1/2 years old and enjoys tormenting his twin sister his partner in mischief making and his playmate too. They love to keep us on our toes constantly as well. I’m hoping to find emotional support here.

Welcome aboard Leah.

Hope you find the forum of benefit to yourself. Others will be along soon to also welcome you


Hi Leah, welcome to the forum.

My son has severe learning difficulties, he’s now 40. The early years were extra difficult, endless appointments etc.
Are you getting any support from Social Services or Education yet?
Claimed any benefits?

Sorry I meant to respond sooner. Apologies for the delay! We have recently had a needs assessment done but since his fine motor skills, speech and cognitive abilities are fine we don’t qualify for much. So we have instead booked a pre Christmas break for ten days next month.

We are going to stay in a cottage and have a proper mini family vacation. We have learned however he needs more disability aids. Finding ways to pay for them will be a issue. Advice will be appreciated. I will be ringing the council in the morning to ask if we can apply for carer breaks.

There is practically no support for physically disabled people and their families. This is a real shame. Everything that I found when researching online seems to be aimed at those with cognitive impairments. Why? I am not impressed by this.

Any disability aids should be provided FREE by Social Services after an OT assessment.