Newbie here

Hi guys i’m a newbie here but i’m a carer for my husband who has multiple disabilities just to name a few he has short and long term memory loss, asthma, learning disabilities and renal failure… We have a son together who also has a speech impairment, learning disabilities and possible autism…

Just thought i’d come by and say hi

Hi Sarah,
welcome to the forum. Sounds like your family keep you busy.

Do you get any outside support or does your hubby or son access any services/clubs?


Hi Sarah,

You should be able to get lots of help from Social Services. Can I ask how old your husband and son are?
Have you made preparations for the time when your son will need to leave home?

Did you know that people with severe learning difficulties are exempt from Council Tax?



I don’t get any outside help I did use to et help from my husband’s mum but she passed away almost 5 years ago but since then I bearly get any help with my husband… As for my son I do get help from my son’s school and as of September he will be in a special needs school so will be getting help there…



We are under social services but have yet to get a social worker as they keep messing us around but we are fighting it… My son is only 8 and my husband is 36… As my son is only 8 (just turned 8 in may) we are not looking that far ahead as of yet for when he leave’s home as we are just concerating on things now rather then later… As for council tax we do get the discount and we are only paying a little amount towards it but may look into it further

Just in case it’s needed , a mini bible on home care services … full sp :

My son was brain damaged at birth, he is now 40. I didn’t realise your son was only eight.
I always knew that one day he would have to leave home, that pretending I could live forever wasn’t an option when you have a child with LD who will need lifelong support. I have met many older parents, one over 80, very disabled, still pretending, who have made no arrangements whatsoever.
I knew of another family who were let down by Social Services when trying to plan what would happen to their Down’s Syndrome daughter when they died. Years later I read in the local paper that she had been found running up and down the road trying to get help because “I can’t wake mummy up”.
Please bear this in mind. Hopefully the special school will have a parent support group. I found it was really useful to see how parents with slightly older children were managing things. You will learn most from other parents, I have many lifelong friends as a result.
They may be able to tell you about playschemes, respite, etc.
Your son and your husband should both have a Needs Assessment, and you a Carers Assessment from Social Services.

Your son should probably be entitled to DLA Care and Mobility - he may be able to walk but needs someone with him at all times. Are you aware of the Family Fund? They were really helpful for my family, and many of my friends.