New hear

Hello everyone
First off now to I add to a post / topic not that good at these things
I’m mum to 3 adult sons with higher end autism and other needs also have a husband and daughter with one grandson
Hear to find out information on things that may help me and maybe to help others too were I can too
As well as getting suport

Welcome to the forum.

What long term plans are being made for your son, for when you can’t care for him any more?
Councils may try to keep children with their parents as long as possible to save their budgets, but it’s not best for either of you. My son has SLD, he had to move into boarding/residential when he was 16, at my GP’s insistence as I was so ill. He’s now 40, still comes home lots, but at least I get a break in between.

Have you got all his benefits sorted out?
Do you get any help at all from Social Services?

Hello and welcome!

Have you applied for PIP and ESA or not yet? Do you have a care plan in place?

Hi Glynis

I have two sons one is 24, autistic and one with learning disabilities.

How old are your sons. Are they able to work or are they at college?,