New Carer for a EUBP wife

Hi carers.
I am a husband supporting my wife with emotionally unstable personality disorder traits.

It can be a very difficult time as simular carers will know.

Just thought there may be other husbands on here who also struggle with looking after a disabled wife who is in a wheel chair

Working fulltime. Looking after two elderly relatives. Have two dogs and a cat.
Yet still trys to get a few moments to themselves.

It would be good just to have a chat from time to time though this forum?

Thank you all and have a lovely weeky.

Hi Andy, a

Welcome to the forum. Honestly, that is too much caring. Does anyone understand how much you are doing in total.
A few questions first, then maybe we can help find a solution.
How old are you and your 3 carees?
Are they all claiming all the benefits they are entitled to?
What is the matter with the parents?

Hi Andy, welcome to the forum.

Gosh that is a lot to be juggling!

Take a look around the forum. Ayjay cares for his wife and others on here care for partners too.

Most posts are in the Coronavirus section at the moment, but posts are popping up elsewhere too. Feel free to respond/ start your own .