Hello NEWBIE here

Hi all,

my names John,

Within the the last year or so I have became a carer for my wife.

Still trying to get my head round this carering role for an illness that is constantly changing the rules.

Anyway just wanted to say hi

Hi John.

Welcome to an extremely quiet forum.

Plenty of information scattered about … peruse the forum at your leisure.

Need help ?

Benefits / fiances … care support , or lack thereof … housing … forward planning.

You name it , we’ll have a go at answering it.

In some instants , answers that you will not find in any text book !

Feel free to add some of your own details … and those of your caree … especially medical condition.

Rules ?

Which ones ?

Others will be along to extend their welcomes.

Hi John, welcome to the forum.

Can you tell us what illness your wife is suffering from? Someone else here may be able to give their first hand experiences of the same problem.

Are you aware of disability benefits available?


My wifes condition is Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) she was diagnosed some years back.

We have been through countless medical examinations and been discharged from hospital into community care.

The OT has been out and after some fighting we have managed to get some adaptations to the house which in our opinion are not fully suitable, the OT had to Base it on worst case…

My wife has to use a walking aid to get around he house and if we go out has to use a wheelchair.

One of the symptoms is my wife is in constant pain which none of the medical people have so far been able to help with. As you can imagine this leads to some very low moods at times

I have sought help through the carers and local GP but the help mostly seems to be limited and whilst in the best intentions doesn’t always seem to fit in with my carering responsibilities

Any help would be greatly received

Hi John,

Have Social Services done a Needs Assessment for your wife and a Carers Assessment for you?
Were you given a written copy, and the opportunity to update it?

Can you pinpoint what you would most like help with?