New to the forum as a carer for my wife

Hi I’m Martin and I’m completely new to this carers forum. I’ve been a carer for my wife for not quite a year now as she has Fibromyalgia and all that entails. If anyone has any experience or want to know more about Fibro and caring you are always welcome to talk. :slight_smile: Thanks

Hi Martin,

welcome to the forum. I hope you find it informative and friendly.


Thanks Melly it certainly will be useful to speak to like minded people. Hopefully I won’t feel as if I’m on my own. May I ask who is it you care for? As I’ve said before I’m caring for my wife who’s a fibro sufferer. Unfortunately I’ve been suffering from Anxiety Disorder because I became so worried about things at home and what with looking after our daughter too it effected work. Boss was in no way sympathetic when I tried to cut my hours down and at first I thought he was ok with the situation but only after a few weeks he would put the pressure back on to up the hours again. This went on 3 times in total and even though I argued with him that I couldn’t do any more hours things began to go sour which effected my mental health. Luckily I’ve been a member of Minds Elefriends forum and with several courses I’ve done to help me in the mental health I’m slowly getting there. But I just honestly say it’s not always easy. At least I’m able to look after my wonderful wife who doesn’t need someone around her shaking like a leaf every day. I can just concentrate on her needs. Right enough me whittling on!

HI Martin,

I care for S, he has autism and a related learning disability.

I’ve not heard of Minds Elefriends forum before, glad that and some courses are helping you.

Caring is tough under normal conditions - but during a pandemic - well that’s taken it to a whole new level!!


Hi Martin

Can I ask a few questions …

Are you connected to a local carers group. Can I ask the age of your daughter. Has your wife had a needs assessment and you a carers assessment.