Nervous about starting care alone

Hi, I’m Matthew and I’m just about to begin my first week of care work. I’ve completed my shadowing and I feel okay with the job but my memory is not great, and I’m scared that I’ll struggle to adapt to unfolding situations with clients and let them down or make things more difficult. I’m confident in my ability but nervous of the unexpected.

I’m looking for any advice on how best to approach starting a solo care job. What others did and felt when starting and any tips to help me get more in tune with the role.


Hello Matthew

Carers UK is a charity that provides support and advice to those caring for a relative/friend in an unpaid, non professional capacity.

So, unfortunately, I don’t think we can help you - except to wish you luck in your new role.

Hi Matthew

You have far more than us - training, managers and colleagues for knowledge and support, a wage, time off etc.
Network with the carers you shadowed and ask them when unsure or defer to supervisor/manager as applicable.
Think of it like driving, when you first go out on your own in the car, that’s when you really do learn how to drive and learn a lot about yourself and other drivers.
You’ll be fine
Good luck

Yo, matt, I have your first new client, my mum, you can have her, take her off my hands. I’m a non professional carer and I need you!
She won’t like it so this is what I need you to do :wink:
First, i need you to sneak into my house without my mum knowing and help me out… I’ll alert you to when she’s coming and you can sneak out again


Make notes. My gran will be happy to be your client as well, she needs encouragement in order to walk.