Needs Assessments

Needs assessments

I read last night…sorry dont know how to paste things on here I read…that The Care Act means a needs assessment should state how many hours a caree is entitled to. That’s even if s family member is doing half the work.

It said it cant take for granted that a carer will continue caring, and should be like that in case of emergencies.

The amount of direct payment should just be for those paid services though.

My sons assessment is not like this.

Does anyone have hours stated even though family members are meeting a lot of the needs.

Hi CloudyGal.

Needs assessment ?

Full sp from AGE UK :

The Care Needs Assessment Explained | Age UK

Will vary from applicant to applicant … and also from LA to LA ( The dreaded post code lottery. )

Direct Payments … IF granted … AGE UK Factsheet 24 … very comprehensive :

Safe to say that DESPITE the provisions of the 2014 Care Act , virtually all LA’s do NOT adhere to them.

A long thread on this :

I call it the " Should / Could / Would " act !

There is no legal requirement for anyone to care !!!

Have you also read the bit about being told how much it will cost, given a “Personal Budget” having the assessment signed off and then having a little event to hand the plan etc. officially handed over with everyone involved in it’s compilation being there too?

I’ve never met anyone this has happened to.

I’m now preparing a formal complaint to the social worker’s governing body, as they are supposed to be familiar with all legislation!


Thank you for your links as always some interesting reading there.


I will take a look at all that too. I am realising that none of the departments work by the book…which makes us carers have to work even harder.

My head is often spinning with all the information…usually at night when I should be sleeping!

We have enough to do looking after our carees. We shouldn’t be having to make sure everyone else is doing their job properly!

I am sorry you are having to complain …sadly its come to that with me too…more work in the evening on top of an already demanding day.

Sometimes I just want to walk away…

Your welcome.

Nothing beats chapter and verse … occasionally ?

Ok a little background first, i have been a carer for my husband for the 12years or so he has various mental and physical problems.

I was assessed as being entitiled to receive a sitting service for the last 10 years, so this was allocated in my name at first I received 4hours a week and this then went up to 6hrs a week, I am allowed to use this time as 24hours a month which i can use in any breakdown i want and a LA employed agency carer comes in and sits with my husband while I do whatever I want.

Unfortunately in May 2019 we had a leak in our home which meant we had to move out (we own our home) we ended up having to move over 100miles away into a very nice static mobile home, consequently the carers were cancelled as we were no longer in the same LA area.

We are now back in our home (just before Christmas) I rang up the mental health team who originally arranged the sitting service for my husband to ask if I could have my hours re-instated and was told I would have to start the whole process again, I accept this that through no fault of our own we hadnt used the service for 7months.

However apparently due to a shortage of staff there is no-one available to do assessments at present and they dont know when I will get one

I am sorry to say but I am cracking up as we I am still dealing with issues regarding our house apart from some other things I am totally stressed out, yes I know that is how most carers live, but the fact of not even knowing if I will ever get an assessment is totally wearing me down.

Any advice on whether I am entitled to an assessment within a certain time frame or how can i get it moving
Many Thanks


Same advice as I gave you in your last post back in September :


**_My immediate reaction is for you to seek expert advice … a LA failing in it’s duty of care ?

CAB recommended :

SHELTER also springs to mind on the housing side :\

( I have assumed that your insurance cover did not cover alternative accomodation ? )_**

Did you seek advice from the CAB ???

Please bear in mind accessibility and current waiting times :


He still has an “assessed need” and therefore I believe they have a duty to meet that need until such time as they do a new assessment.
For chapter and verse, download the 2014 Care Act!

Thanks bowling bun