Care needs assessments

Hi everyone

This is probably a really stupid question but if I ask social services to carry out a care needs assessment on my parents do they have to provide me with a written assessment?

I ask because I asked for an assessment last year, it got to the point that the social worker was on side with mum and dad needing to be in a residential care home but her boss rejected that on grounds that we hadn’t exhausted every Avenue of keeping them at home. They have both deteriorated since then and mum is currently in hospital. I have contacted social services about dad and they just suggested buying a gps tracker for dad, and said that it sounded as though we had enough care in place with the private provision we have.

How do I get them to get off their arses and actually assess the situation and if they do assess dads needs do they have to provide a written report of their findings / decision? Only I’ve never had anything in writing over the past couple of years. I just feel fobbed off by them.

Mum and dad are in Wales by the way in case that makes a difference.


Do you have Power of Attorney?

Yes. But not sure how that’s relevant?

It’s VERY relevant, because then, legally, you are your mum.
They must share everything with you, cannot hide behind the “patient confidentiality” excuse.
When you complain to the CEO, send a copy and ask him to ensure that in future, everything is shared with you.
Can you guess, I had all these issues with my own mum!