My Mum's Medication

I’ve been having problems with my Mum’s Care Agency, especially how they administer her medication.

For example my Mum’s prescribed Paracetamol, for if + when she needs it. The Carers have the system of asking her if she needs Paracetamol, if she says ‘no’ they record it as having ‘refused’. Does that sound right? The Care Agency’s attitude is that they go with N.I.C.E.'s regulations, sound non-sense to me.

I asked the Carers today about it, they said to phone the Care Agency’s office, who stress me out with their codswolloping non-sense justifications.

Is this classed as ‘holistic approach’? More like having to conform to their procedures that suite them yet again. Or is this coz the Care Agency’s under Social Services and therefore Social Care? If my Mum was under CHC they’d know how to deal with things properly; or so me thinks.


The words used by others about our carees can annoy/upset. I used to hate it when school staff said about S - “he seemed happy” - well either he was happy or he wasn’t. Another example, he was 'laughing/crying/ got upset for no apparent reason," - of course there was a reason, just because they hadn’t worked out what it was. Had they tried to find out? However, I didn’t challenge these phrases as I had bigger issues to deal with - and I think that may be the case for you too.

There should be a key to the codes used on your Mum’s MAR chart - have a look and see. If not, look on the web e.g.


The question shouldn’t be “do you want paracetamol” but along the lines of “is it hurting/painful”
I hated diaries that said happy today when I arrived.
Why not just an emoji for happy face? Quicker and easier.
They are supposed to be taking my son out and abotu, not writing an essay!!