My husband's mental health is affecting my children

Hi my husband has bipolar and we have two children both teens. His condition has affected us all dramatically. Life has been hell at various times and it has come to ahead and my husband has gone to his parents as I asked them to come for him. My eldest child does not want his dad to come back as he can come across as been aggressive. He shouts he waves his arms about and we struggle getting sleep. So I am stuck. I love my husband deeply, but my children come first. I understand fully. He works part time, so he will not be able to support himself. I want to still have a relationship with him but live apart. Can I claim any help towards my income if we live apart, but stay married? It says not on the tax credit website but surely some circumstance. Has anyone else found themselves in the same situation?

you have done the right thing.

Is he receiving help and treatment for his bipolar?

The benefits system is very inflexible. I’m sorry I can’t answer your question.

I recommend contacting the Carers Uk helpline

You can email us > > or contact us and we will respond to your enquiries as soon as we can.

Our telephone helpline providing information is open on Mondays and Tuesdays between 10am and 4pm - 0808 808 7777

or the Citizen’s Advice Bureau