My fiance is sectioned and lcalled to end our relationship

My partner was sectioned on 26th March, he has refused to speak to me and refused consent to share information about his condition. I have tried to keep in touch although the staff at the hospital cannot tell me anything. I have called his phone as I know he has it with him, I have texted love, concern and support but he has ignored all contact until now. He called me today to tell me that we are over as I put him in hospital by lying. I explained that I tried to keep him at home and that the doctors made the decision against my judgement. He was flushing tablets down the toilet and deteriorated. He just went quiet for around a minute then hung up. We have s mortgage and have been together for 6 years. He did mention that he had already had a tribunal and that he is there voluntarily for 2 weeks now, how can he have had the tribunal after less than 2 weeks? And would I not have been asked for input as his closest relative? Any advice would be great as this is by far the most heartbreaking thing I have ever had happen to me

Hi Emma, welcome to the forum. I’m sorry to hear that you’re going through a difficult time and heartbreak. I don’t have any specific advice to offer you, but I just wanted to acknowledge your post and pass on my best wishes.
I’m sure there will be a few forum members on here who would be able to share their experience/advice.

It is a very common to end relationships when experiencing mental health problems, issues of low self esteem.

That no one loves them etc.

He is simply not in the right state of mind to make decisions like this, and hopefully when the doctors stabalise him, his mind will be more rational and able to make decisions.

Flushing tablets down the tablet is very common, often people think that they are well and don’t need the medication when they are clearly not well, it is the illness saying that.
He can refuse consent but you still can talk to the mental health team, they may not be allowed to tell you details but can still give you help and support.
The Mental health team PALS can help as well and your Gp.

It is a very difficult time I have been through this myself , dealing with mental illness is very difficult, you need support yourself, friends, local support groups, Mind and Rethink can help, they can offer support over the phone.

Keep us posted, when he comes out of hospital , he should have a Care plan Discharge plan, they cannot just let him out without support. Someone needs to make sure he takes his medication otherwise he will shortly end up back in hospital.

So the latest is… he has discharged himself and has gone to stay with his mum. I have no idea what happened when he was in hospital and he has ignored every message I have sent. His mum has ignored me. I guess our relationship is over due to him being ill and me caring about his welfare. I’m totally lost.

Hi Emma,

Take care of yourself. He may still be very unwell. Once the meds are at the right level and he is thinking clearly again he may well be in touch.



Thanks, he is home now and has told me we are over and we will be selling the house. He blames me for being sectioned, he just referred to me as his ex partner to the professional on the phone! This is purely devastating

Emma, you did the RIGHT thing for him, and for you. There wasn’t any other option left.
What else does he think you should have done?

I dont know, he cant even answer that question. He is not the man i know and love at all but he is home, has been put on some 1st gen meds and another medication to counteract the side effects!